Battletech: Game of Armored Combat (core game)
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Battletech: Game of Armored Combat (core game)

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The BattleTech board game simulates combat between various military vehicles in the thirty-first century. The king of the battlefield is the BattleMech, but a myriad of other military units bring additional fun to any game, from combat vehicles to infantry to aerospace units and more.



8 high-quality, fully assembled (unpainted) miniatures: Awesome, BattleMaster, Catapult, Commando, Locust, Shadow Hawk, Thunderbolt and Wolverine
48-page Rulebook
16-page Record Sheet Booklet
48 page fiction novella by William H. Keith, Jr., a prequel to the Gray Death Legion saga featuring Carlyles Commandos and Durant Carlyle; only available in the A Game of Armored Combat box.
16-page Universe Primer
8 Pilot Cards
8 Alpha Strike Cards
2 heavy-stock reference sheets
Two all-new 18 x 22 full-color paper maps (hexed, double-sided)
Punchboard of additional BattleMechs and terrain
2 dice