Magic the Gathering: Kaldheim Set Booster
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Magic the Gathering: Kaldheim Set Booster

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Here's what's new in Kaldheim Set Boosters.

Theme Booster Cards
Twenty special thematic cards have been created for Kaldheim Theme Boosters. Showcasing Valkyries and other creatures recognizable from Norse legends, these cards capture the spirit of the set and its Viking Age inspiration.

In Kaldheim, fans will have a chance of getting some of these unique cards in Set Boosters as well!

Theme Booster Uncommons

Each Set Booster already has a set of 6 common and uncommon cards that revolve around a particular theme. When they appear, the Theme Booster uncommons will serve to highlight and bring together those themes even further.

Theme Booster Rares

Five of the rare cards created for Theme Boosters can also be found in Set Boosters as a possible drop in for the "Head Turner" slot. Kaldheim will be the first Set Booster with a possible rare in this slot.

Changes to The List
Every Kaldheim Set Booster has a 25% chance of containing a card from The List—a curated list of 300 cards that show off beloved mechanics, fun worlds, and flat-out wild cards from Magic's past.