The Army Painter: Self Healing Cutting Mat
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The Army Painter: Self Healing Cutting Mat

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  • VERSATILE AND FLEXIBLE – The Double Sided Cutting Mat is specially designed as a base for all types of modeling, assembly, and conversion of wargame miniatures. Gridded in millimeters to provide detailed and accurate cutting
  • UNIQUE SELF HEALING PROPERTIES – The Self-healing mat provides a smooth surface even after multiple uses. It re-seals itself after every cut and is a must for every wargamer and modeler
  • SCRATCH-FREE FURNITURE – Keep your furniture or work station free of unnecessary damage. You can use it as a cutting pad with any cutting knife and all types of sculpting and modeling tools
  • SHARP BLADES – Hard cutting boards spoil the blades. Due to its self-healing nature, the 3-layer PVC material protects blades and is able to extend the life of your cutting tools