The Army Painter: Quickshade Washes Set
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The Army Painter: Quickshade Washes Set

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  • ADDS BOTH SHADING AND COLOUR TONE — The 11 Quickshade Washes in this miniature paint set have extra heavy pigment that allows you to easily create depth and shade, add colour tone and achieve perfect shading on your army set miniatures in one quick application; includes a FREE Wargamers Army Painting Guide containing tips and techniques
  • RIGHT CONSISTENCY; DO NOT REQUIRE THINNING — These miniature paints washes save you time from paint preparation; no need to dilute. The consistency is not too thick, but perfectly thin enough to easily cover the nooks and crevices of even the smallest wargame models
  • EASY-TO-SQUEEZE DROPPER BOTTLE — Avoid leaks, messy drips and wasting your model paints with our 0.6oz/18ml dropper bottles. Ergonomically designed with the dropper cap system, you can administer the exact amounts of the fluid paint without having to open lids all the time
  • WORKS ON ALL ACRYLIC SURFACES — The Army Painter Quickshade Washes have non-toxic components and great paint colours that let you not only add shading but also colourful effects. Coat and create depth on different model surfaces, whether base-coat painted or bare
  • 100 % COLOUR MATCH — All Quickshade washes (bottles) are a 100 % colour match to the corresponding Quickshade varnish (Pots). The Washes are a superb quality and match the Quickshade tones of the same name, creating your ideal shading effect